Hey! We are Minus 2

We are a group of 14 awesome game design and development students and we developed an awesome game. Through this site we will introduce you to the members of our team and showcase our work.

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Goblin Gearshop

Orcs started a war against goblins because they are so small and weak. Goblins aren’t the strongest so they have to be smart and that’s what goblins are for sure! You and your friends are the best goblin crafters in the world so you started a weapon shop together to craft an end to this war! Smelt, mold, and forge your own weapons and send them out on the battlefield so your goblin warriors can fight!


Do you think you can win this war?! Gather your friends, 2-4 controllers and dive into the (small) shoes of the goblin crafters!

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22 januari 2018


Yeahh, we now have more than 10.000 downloads! A big milestone for Goblin Gearshop. In just 5 days we achieved this milestone and the numbers are still rising. On average, Goblin Gearshop is played by 20 people on the same time! And 16.000 steam accounts owns Goblin Gearshop. You can help us to achi...


20 januari 2018

Release The Games!

Our game is live, and that means.... A Party!! Together with the other student teams, we organized a Game Release Party named "Release The Games". All the teams got area at a nice location named 42workspace in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. There were a lot of students, friends, family and interested g...


17 januari 2018

Goblin Gearshop is LIVE!

After months of hard working, we finally made it! Goblin Gearshop is now available on steam for free. If you can't wait to play click here (Goblin Gearshop on Steam)! Gather your friends to your place and play with up to 4 playe...