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We are Minus2

We are a group of 14 awesome game design and development students and we have developed an awesome game. Through this page we will introduce you to members of our team and showcase of our work.


After long team discussions we chose one of the various concepts we made. The game we are going to build is Goblin Gearshop! We have 14 weeks of project time to make the game awesome and popular. Our goal is to have a minimum of 1000 downloads. Goblin Gearshop will be released early in 2018.


Orcs started a war against goblins because they are so small and weak. Goblins aren’t the strongest so they have to be smart and that’s what goblins are for sure! You and your friends are the best goblin crafters in the world so you started a weapon shop together to craft an end to this war! Smelt, mold, and forge your own weapons and send them out on the battlefield so your goblin warriors can fight!


Do you think you can win this war?! Gather your friends, 2-4 controllers and dive into the (small) shoes of the goblin crafters!


Thanks to you all, we have reached a lot more than 1000 players, we reached over 4000 downloads! Again, thank you! You can get our game on Steam. Just search “Goblin Gearshop”.

If you want to see more of our work during the making, go to our Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.


Our team

Lizzy Lebbing Producer/ Lead Marketing

Lennart Veringmeier Marketing

Zain Hussain Marketing

Marco Koopman Lead Game Design

Jason Lie Yung Tjong Game Designer

Kevin te Hennepe Game Designer

Rik Wolk Game Designer

Amy Marks Lead Art

Menno Visser Artist

Tim Falken Lead Development

Johan Boers Developer

Roy van den Heuvel Developer

Luuk Tito Developer

Thomas Jonckheere Developer