22 januari 2018


Yeahh, we now have more than 10.000 downloads! A big milestone for Goblin Gearshop. In just 5 days we achieved this milestone and the numbers are still rising. On average, Goblin Gearshop is played by 20 people on the same time! And 16.000 steam accounts owns Goblin Gearshop. You can help us to achi...


20 januari 2018

Release The Games!

Our game is live, and that means.... A Party!! Together with the other student teams, we organized a Game Release Party named "Release The Games". All the teams got area at a nice location named 42workspace in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. There were a lot of students, friends, family and interested g...


17 januari 2018

Goblin Gearshop is LIVE!

After months of hard working, we finally made it! Goblin Gearshop is now available on steam for free. If you can't wait to play click here (Goblin Gearshop on Steam)! Gather your friends to your place and play with up to 4 playe...


9 januari 2018

Reviews incoming!

At the end of 2017, we gave steam keys to all our beta subscribers. A lot of people that received a key played our game. Some people even made gameplay/review videos of it and published it on Youtube! We really appreciate them making a gameplay video of our game.   Here is one of the game...


19 december 2017

Subscription explosion!

As you may know, we opened a sign-up form to participate in our closed beta for Goblin Gearshop. This form was placed online on 14 December. We had hoped for some sign-ups, however, we didn’t expect much. But after a few days, we already had 110 sign-ups! Woaaaah!   We are really happy th...


14 december 2017

A lot of changes!

Last week we had to make a lot of decisions for Goblin Gearshop. We had multiple design questions. Via multiple channels we asked gamers for feedback about our game. We also visited the Dutch Game Garden event. Here we got a lot of feedback from gamers and game develo...


7 december 2017

Visiting Dutch Game Garden

While we are busy developing our game, we also have to test and promote our game. Dutch Game Garden is a great event to achieve this! With an Alpha Build of our game, we went to the event and had our own stand. The stand was an arcade machine with a monitor in it where we could plug in a computer. ...


5 december 2017

Teamwork OP

We play games for fun, and it's usually more fun when we win. It takes a lot to succeed in a team game, and games are won with more than individual skill. Your ability to work together as a team has significant impact on the outcome. In fact, sportsmanlike players are more likely to be successful...


27 november 2017

Floating ideas

The Goblin Gearshop game has been in progress for a few weeks now. There has been made a lot of progress with art, modeling, porgramming and gamedesign. With all this progress, we have made a playable demo. This demo is used for intern testing and demostrations. If you are interested in progress upd...


22 november 2017


Hi everyone! It is amazing how fast time flies by. About 6 weeks ago a group of 15 game design students started a challenge to create a 3D game in just 14 weeks. It happens to be that this group called themselves Minus2. Wait, but that’s us?! ...